TV when you want it. Decor when you need it.

Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors are surprisingly magical. When on, the TV mirrors provide immediate access to news and media. When off, the television vanishes without a hint of its technical applications. Don’t settle for a traditional television that distracts from your carefully designed interior. Séura provides solutions that deliver high-performance technology you need, and the invisibility you want.

Vanity Glass. Balancing beauty and technology.

Séura Vanity Glass puts mirror reflectivity first and television brightness second. Séura Vanity Glass is designed to provide excellent mirror reflectivity while making it possible for a television placed within the mirror to completely disappear. Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirror technology performs best when used in environments where glare-inducing daylight is controlled. Due to a very slight mirror tint, Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors are not recommended for use on white walls or next to silvered mirrors.

Timing is everything. Add a vanishing clock.

Available exclusively for Séura mirrors, this elegant and functional timepiece offers the convenience of a clock in a futuristic presentation. The OLED display is illuminated in pure white that matches any décor. In sleep mode, the clock continues to maintain time while invisible. When you enter the room, the built-in motion sensor illuminates the digital time. After you leave, the time display elegantly fades away.

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