Security is a process. This is because security technologies and threats are interdependent. For optimal protection, it is recommended to bring one's system up to the latest standards. With LEGIC products, the security level is scalable with a combination of measures.  Weaknesses can be isolated at any time and remedied.

LEGIC keeps pace with the times and is further developing its security technologies within the framework of intensive research. As a partner, you also have access to the latest developments. With backwards compatibility, existing systems can also benefit from new achievements and fitted with updated software versions.

We recommend our customers keep their security technology up-to-date. For advice on this, please contact a system supplier from the LEGIC ID Network, or contact us directly.

With the unique Master-Token System-Control™ security concept, individual applications and product generations are separated.  If a weakness is identified, it can be isolated along with its data and, depending on the application, it can be deactivated and replaced with an upgrade.

To have your system examined for any weaknesses, please contact a system supplier from the LEGIC ID Network, or contact us directly.

A high level of security involves a combination of different elements. For example, individual areas of a building can be expanded with additional obstacles such as PIN or biometric applications or system-specific data encryption. Security is scalable in this way.

A system based on the LEGIC technology platform can be expanded at any time with additional security technologies such as biometrics, verifications through background systems or CCTV. LEGIC products and services thus help to develop infrastructures that comply with technical guideline TR03126-5 of the German Federal Office for Information Technology Security (BSI). You can find the right partner for this in the LEGIC ID Network.

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