Lockstar – the electronic door lock

LEGIC lockstar (SM-1450) contains all functions of an electronic lock in one chip:

  • Contactless reader
  • Verification logic
  • Mode control
  • Signalisation

Lockstar is compatible with all relevant RF standards and needs an extreme small amount of energy. Typical applications are electronic door locks, cabinets and lockers, jewellers’ windows, office furniture and electronic padlocks.

Block diagram with lockstar reader chip, application circuit and peripheral components

Easy design-in
Due to the integrated, ready-to-use lock application, product development is quick and easy with lockstar. Lockstar is user-friendly.

Enables attractive designs
Due to its small size, lockstar fits in every lock. It also contains a small battery and thus has a low energy consumption. There is no need for any additional interfaces or sensors. Lockstar is ready to use from the beginning.

Big range of features

  • Compatible with industry standards ISO 14443, ISO 15693 and prime RF
  • Up to 50 UIDs programmable - manageable in different groups
  • Possible to create time profiles with an additional programming device
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