One medium for all applications

Every electronic locking device and time and attendance system needs an "identification medium" (also called access medium). These come in various shapes and forms, e.g. keycards / smartcards, ID cards, key fobs, key rings, combined mechanical and electronic keys, etc.


With a Kaba system, you can use all modern identification methods, including biometric terminals. You can use the Kaba access media flexibly, depending on your application and required level of convenience. The same medium can carry all the following functions:

  1. Time-based access authorisation for higher security. You define who should have access where and when
  2. Recording of every occurrence on the medium (log file), facilitating a precise investigation after an incident
  3. Several additional functions, e.g. cashless payment, time and attendance, secure printing, access to machinery, etc.
  4. Several technologies possible, including Legic prime, Legic advant, Mifare, etc.
  5. Central software to facilitate simple management, e.g. revoking of access rights when a card is lost
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